Stephanus Parish Community Centre, the church with its bell tower from the east<br/><small>Heinrich Heidersberger Wolfsburg/ARTUR IMAGES</small> Bell tower, made of nine fair-faced concrete pillars<br/><small>Heinrich Heidersberger Wolfsburg/ARTUR IMAGES</small> Stephanus Parish Community Centre, interior view of the church<br/><small>Bernd Rodrian, Wolfsburg/Berlin</small>

Stephanus Parish Community Centre
Detmeroder Markt 6
1963, 1965-1969

This protestant parish centre is situated directly at the end of two shopping road axes, and forms the northern urban development perimeter of the Detmerode district centre. The free-standing bell tower consisting of nine fair-faced concrete pillars is dominant, though for cost reasons it was not completed at the time, neither was the parish centre living accommodation. Apart from the bell tower all parts of the building are in plain white; the church façade which faces the square has been built using white natural stone slabs. The interior of the consciously unadorned church is characterised by two large arched wooden reflectors under the ceiling to give good acoustics. Apart from this multi-use church hall there is a chapel in the basement to be used exclusively by the church. The parish community area with its different sized halls and a kitchen is separate from the actual church building.

Flyer: Ali Altschaffel, Wolfsburg